Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

First Practice of 2015

on January 19, 2015

My first practice of 2015 took until the 18th January to actually happen so not the best start but a start.

I tried to go to a class on the 13th but after a visit to the dentist that morning, I could barely drink water without being in pain so gave class a miss to eat painkillers and feel sorry for myself. On Saturday morning I was all ready to go to Lululemon’s free morning class, I got up, drank tea, walked part way down the road, got on a bus as the pavements were so icy, and arrived 10 minutes before class to find that it was full of everyone else who’d decided that January was a good time to get up and go to 10am yoga classes. I ended up with a hour and half to kill in town so went for coffee and a muffin instead.

Last night after getting home from a day of teaching and feeling stiff and sore I needed to stretch and relax my muscles before going to bed. I got my mat out, put PJ bottoms on (I couldn’t be bothered to put leggings on and it’s too cold currently to practice in just underwear) and put a Yoga by Candace video on my ipad. I went for a half hour video with a relaxing theme that I’d done before. It’s a really nice video and at the end I was ready to climb into bed and ready for a bit before sleeping really well.

Aim for this week, to go to class tomorrow (Tuesday) and Saturday, and do another video on Wednesday night.

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