Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Why yoga?

on January 19, 2015

So here goes, I had a difficult end to 2014 and the start of 2015 hasn’t been that great but I’m hoping that it’s going to get easier and better.

One of my aims for this year is to do at least 3 sessions of yoga a week. I find that it helps me clear my head of thoughts and to relax. I generally sleep much better after doing some exercise and I generally need to stretch out to sort myself out from spending far too long sitting at a desk.

I first found yoga while at school, I’m incredibly lucky that one of the options for physical education was yoga. I found it really useful to help me stretch, I became more flexible and coped with stress much better. While at university I didn’t continue regular classes but still tried to involve yoga in my general stretching routine. Unfortunately in my final year, I severely injured my back and spent most of a year in physio to recover my full range of movement, thank god for private health insurance. I then started doing weekly Pilates classes and left yoga for a while.

For the past year I’ve been trying to re-introduce yoga back into my work outs and at the end of last year I found it really helped.

Yoga by Candace is a great website with really good videos of various lengths, which I found on youtube in December. While I was away for Christmas I did one of her videos almost every day (including Christmas day). I’m aiming to go to at least one class a week along with doing two videos or at home practice sessions. I do another two classes a week, one in Pilates and another in dance so it’s going to keep me busy, fit and strong.

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