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Edinburgh University Yoga Society Class

on January 21, 2015

On Tuesday I went to a Edinburgh University Yoga Society yoga class. They hold a variety of classes but the one that works with my schedule is the beginners/fundamentals Ashtanga class on Tuesday. Non-student membership is £7.50 and then the Tuesday classes are £2 so it’s really cheap. Other classes are all less than £5, and membership also gives you a discount on classes at Meadowlark studio.

I guess I hadn’t thought about my expectations of the class but it was a bit of surprise. The class was full with about 40 students. The room was carpeted and it’s bring your own mat, so more than half the class didn’t have them. I hadn’t realised how much your mat defined your practice and personal space and stops you drifting while doing moves. At one point the girl in front of me put her feet on my mat, which I was a little grossed out about as having a strangers (or even a friend’s) sweaty feet within 2 inches of your face isn’t pleasant.

Although the class was billed as beginner the teacher, Dawn, gave options so you could try more advance versions if you wanted. She came across well and was able to communicate what she wanted us to do but due to the size of the class and layout of the room, I’m not sure those much further back than me would have been able to see what she was demonstrating. She’s not the regular teacher but is covering for the next few weeks.

(Warning, the next two paragraphs are not very yogi)
There were a few people who I think had decided at the last minute to come to class or hadn’t thought about what they might be doing. There was one girl in jeans and another in a skirt and tights. Not the best options for doing class in. I’m not sure if the yoga soc website told/suggested what to wear to class but I would have thought it obvious that a skirt might not be ideal.

Also at least two mobile phones went off during class, one multiple times (including during savasana) which luckily had jazz song as the ring tone so it was a bit easier to ignore. The teacher didn’t say anything about it but it was a bit off putting. I hope that next week she’ll remind people at the start of class to turn off their mobile phones.

(End of un-yogi comments)

If it was my first ever yoga class ever I think I would have been lost and not sure of what I should have been doing for each move but we did each flow at least twice so I think most people got the idea of what we were doing. As it was such a large class no personal corrections were given but general corrections were given to the class. For a £2 community class it was a good workout and more interactive and sociable than a video.

For the next three weeks I’m aiming to do the Sweaty Betty Fly Flex Flow classes as part of the Get Fit For Free campaign but after that I think I’ll give these classes another go. Plus by then hopefully some of the January resolution people might have stopped coming and it might be a bit quieter.

Lessons learnt, although my preference is for small studio classes of maybe a maximum of 20 people, I should be open to new classes that are larger, especially if I view them as a space to practice and not to develop.

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