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Rise of Dawn Yoga at EU Yoga Society

on January 28, 2015

This week I had intended to go to the Sweaty Betty Fly Flex Flow class and I was even booked into it but after feeling very down and not making my planned sessions last week (see this post for details). I decided to take up a friend’s offer of meeting after class and as she works near the university it was easier to go to the Edinburgh University Yoga Society class again than down to Sweaty Betty and then back.

The class was very busy and sold out by 5.45pm but I don’t think that many people turned up after that, maybe another 5, hopefully by next week it might have calmed down a bit more and there might be more space. The room was ridiculously stuffy and warm to the point of it almost being hot yoga. The room has some small skylights but other than that no windows and as the 6.05 class is the second in a row so I don’t think this helps.

As I said in my previous post the current teacher isn’t the regular one, she’s called Dawn and her website is here. I like her style and feel that this week she was used to the room and lay out better. She walked about a bit more rather than being stuck at the front of class and gave a few more corrections. Two things that she said that I know apply to me and is useful to remember are, try not to compare how you are doing to others in the class and notice which poses you find difficult and try to do them more.

More people had mats this week but it’s still a bit odd having people practice without them. I think people drift more without them, when seated with legs in front on a mat you would move to the middle of the mat so your legs were still on it but without a mat you just sit under where you were standing so move forward.

I’m going to aim to make next week’s class as it’s the last one Dawn is covering and then there will be another (non-yoga) class that I want to start doing on Tuesday.

Lessons from class – Try not to compare how I do with others, this includes which variation they are doing and if I need to come out of a pose early. Also I need to work on more hip opening poses.

PS I forgot to add that this week there were random bagpipes from another part of the building during savasana so I definitely didn’t snooze it.

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