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Bikram Yoga and Studios changing name

on February 24, 2015

Bikram Yoga isn’t a style of yoga that I’ve got any experience of. I’m not a fan of being that hot when excising but I do keep on meaning to try a hot yoga class at some point even if it’s not Bikram.

This week in the news has been that further allegations have been made against Bikram Choudhry and as a result several yoga studios have stopped using the Bikram name in their title. I’m not sure if I’d stop going to a studio because of allegations or even the conviction of the founder of a style of yoga. Would I go to a workshop that he was teaching, no but that’s not the same thing. I hope that the small business that depend on people going to class don’t suffer too much because of this.

One response to “Bikram Yoga and Studios changing name

  1. […] posted two blogs about the Bikram Yoga lawsuit, which can be found here and here. Today I found this article about the CNN interview with Bikram Choudhry’s response to the […]


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