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Yoga’s Got Hot class at Lululemon

on March 2, 2015

All Lululemon stores host regular free classes, usually yoga but sometimes other styles of class are taught. In the Edinburgh Store classes are at 10am on Saturday morning. I tried to go to another class at the beginning of January but it was full before I got there. 

This Saturday I made it up, dressed, had some breakfast and made it into the centre of town for 9.30. The doors didn’t open till 9.45 and there weren’t that many of us so there was plenty of space. For classes this early on a Saturday I prefer this method of first there, first mat rather than booking in advance, even though there is a chance that I get there and don’t get into class. 
This week the class was taught by Lynne from Yoga’s Got Hot and was a power yoga class. Lynne is super enthusiastic teacher and I enjoyed the class. We started off slowly, holding poses like up dog for longer than I’m used to (maybe 5 to 8 breaths) which was hard but good to try. We then picked up the pace and worked on building heat and tempo. It was a really nice flow that we worked on with Lynne changing things around so that you felt like you’d got an idea of what’s coming next then she’s switch things around. 
Lynne also encouraged us to try stretching ourselves and try deeper versions of poses. This included everyone having a try of crow pose. I just about balanced it once and then almost fell on my face but it was done in a supportive fun way so no one felt bad about falling over or trying something new. It was a good attitude to have and something that I should bring to my practice. 
After class finished we were fed porridge and tea by the Lululemon staff which was really nice and a good way to end class. 
I certainly will be back to try other classes at Lululemon as it was a really friendly environment and a nice space. 
Yoga’s Got Hot have a introductory deal of two weeks classes for £25, which is a bit more that the cost as 2 classes. I’m considering trying it in a few weeks time once I’m not going to be away or have other workshops booked.  

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