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Stopping Bikram Classes because of Choudhury Bikram

on March 3, 2015

I’ve been following the reaction to the lawsuit against Choudhry Bikram with interest. Both from a yoga point of view and from a reputational risk to businesses point of view. In my last post about this, I said that I wouldn’t stop going to classes because of something that a founder did and hoped that small businesses weren’t affected by this.

Less than a week later and from this article by Ernesto Londono it seems that some people are considering it shameful to go to classes at all. I understand that the bikram community may support him and especially those who have been trained by him directly may feel that this is something that he would never do. I suppose that we need to wait and see the outcome of the court case.

Still it leads me to think, why would you stop going to a class that you enjoy, that you get benefit from, taught by a teacher who isn’t accused or convicted of anything, because of something that the founder of something has done? It doesn’t make sense to me.

One response to “Stopping Bikram Classes because of Choudhury Bikram

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