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Is your yoga teacher qualified?

on March 4, 2015

After reading an article in the New York Times about Colorado wanting to regulate yoga teacher training, I wondered about yoga teacher qualifications in general.  I’m still exploring which styles of yoga I like, which teachers classes I enjoy and what fits in with my existing schedule so I don’t currently have a regular class or teacher (other than Candace via youtube). How the teacher is qualified isn’t something that I’ve given great thought to before.


I have generally found most of my classes and teachers either via Edinburgh University Yoga Society, teachers that have held classes at Lululemon Edinburgh or that teach in yoga studios that I have a good reputation as Meadowlark. I have assumed that all the teachers are suitably qualified to teach and will do a good job but I haven’t done any checks myself.

In the UK there are a couple of bodies that provide lists of certified yoga teachers including Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Scotland and the US based Yoga Alliance. Most teachers websites will tell you where and when they trained however I’ve checked and a some of my favorite classes have been taught by teachers that don’t seem to be on any of the three websites.

yoga scotland


I guess it doesn’t really matter at the level that I’m currently at and as I generally am going to classes that are quite big so there aren’t that many individual adjustments. I can imagine that if you are more advanced and expecting more adjustments then making sure that the teacher is qualified and isn’t going to push you into the wrong position is much more important. For me I’m not going to change how I find teachers and classes and I guess trust that teachers are suitably qualified when they say they are.

One response to “Is your yoga teacher qualified?

  1. yogibattle says:

    Try an Iyengar class. It takes teachers years, not 200 hours, just to be minimally certified.


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