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Edinburgh Community Yoga

on March 5, 2015

I’m incredibly lucky to live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. There is a very active yoga community and such a great range of classes and workshops in pretty much any style of yoga that you can imagine.

One project that I only recently became aware of is Edinburgh Community Yoga as well as offering ‘normal’ classes which will no doubt be full of Middle class 25-45 year old women, they offer a range of classes for less usual users. This includes recovering addicts, homeless people, people with long term health issues and other vulnerable groups.

Last week they posted a video about there work with can be watched Here. It’s a really nice film and makes me feel proud of the work that’s being done in Edinburgh to make yoga more inclusive.

It’s a studio that I’m looking forward to trying a class at soon.

2 responses to “Edinburgh Community Yoga

  1. […] organisation that is co-ordinating the classes is one that I’ve written about before Edinburgh Community Yoga. They have a great programme of engaging at risk users with yoga and they work with those with […]


  2. […] written about before in the class that I attended before Christmas, Edinburgh Community Yoga do great work in getting yoga to people who wouldn’t be able to access it otherwise. As a […]


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