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Handstand Masterclass

on March 10, 2015

On Saturday I continued my work on Yoga By Candace’s March Balance project by going to a Handstand Masterclass with a teacher from London called Sainaa. I’ve been to two of his workshops before and found them really useful. I’m currently stronger than I have been for the other two and also have been training much more in preparation for this workshop so that I got more out of it.

This weekend’s workshop was both morning and afternoon sessions. The Facebook event seemed to imply that both sessions would be the same, so I signed up for the afternoon session as it fitted in better with my plans for that weekend. In reality the morning session would probably have been better for me as this was more aimed at handstand fundamentals and the afternoon session was based on elephant lifts and balancing on one side.

The first hour of the afternoon consisted of a warm up, conditioning exercises and then ‘normal’ handstands. We then moved onto doing elephant lifts. They are meant to look like this but mine don’t currently (maybe with another 3 years of training). It still was a good exercise and useful to know where I’m heading to. Finally we did some more conditioning/exercises to help with balance.


A really good workshop and a lot to go away and work on.

One response to “Handstand Masterclass

  1. […] I’ve tried a few Forrest Yoga classes, mainly workshops at Lululemon taught by Jambo so it was interesting to try a normal class. The class was taught by Janet, who I keep bumping into since I first met her as my partner at Sainna’s handstand class. […]


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