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Silent Disco Yoga 

on March 18, 2015

Why does New York get all the cool stuff? Yahoo News sent a reporter to a silent disco yoga class. I love silent discos, the randomness of people dancing to different tunes next to each other and taking your headphones off in the middle of the dance floor to hear people singing along.

I love that the headphones act as noise cancelling and isolate you from the rest of class. I have problems ignoring others in class and I guess ‘being present’ so I think this would help.

I doubt this will grow very big and become something that I can take a class near me in but I’d love to try it maybe at a music festival or something.


One response to “Silent Disco Yoga 

  1. […] posting about wanting to try yoga to dance music and that it wouldn’t be likely to coming to Edinburgh soon, I found out that Amanda from Yoga […]


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