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Functional Anatomy Presentation and Discussion with Jambo Truong

on March 19, 2015

Normally Wednesday is my rest day and after a weekend of training, travel and a class on Tuesday I could have done with a relaxing evening at home. However Lululemon Edinburgh were hosting a presentation and talk on Functional Anatomy by a Forest Yoga Teacher called Jambo from Newcastle. It sounded really interesting and it’s something that I want to learn more about. Also notice that the description is presentation and talk.

So after work I walked down to Lululemon and the staff as always were super friendly and fed us snacks, tea and water while we waited for things to begin. As their weren’t that many of us the format of the talk changed so it was a mini-workshop with a short talk at the beginning. Jambo is a lovely enthusiastic teacher and it was great to hear him talk, demonstrate and adjust people in poses. The pose that we were working towards was the splits. Yep on my ‘rest’ day I ended up doing splits training. I really enjoyed it but needed a bath and relax when I got home.

Forest Yoga is a type of yoga based on Hatha Yoga. It has four main principals, Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. It was really nice to learn more about this style of yoga and it’s very much about functionality of the movement. Jambo is teaching a workshop in Edinburgh next weekend and I am working on moving other things around so that I can go to his injury workshop on the Sunday.

At the moment there is only one Forest Yoga teacher in Edinburgh, Janet, who teaches at Out of the Blue. She’s lovely and I actually met her at the handstand workshop a couple of weeks ago. I’ll see how next Sunday goes (subject to moving things) and then I might try to drop into some of her classes.

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