Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Noticing Progress

on March 28, 2015

On Friday I went to Vinyasa Vino at Canning Street Yoga. A hot vinyasa class followed by wine that I first tried three weeks ago with two friends. I made it back to the class this week and it was really good again. The class was small with only 6 of us but it meant we tried different things and got lots of corrections. 

I managed to continue to roll over my toes from chataranga to upwards dog to downwards dog. I also felt that I am getting more comfortable in the warrior sequence and in balances. I used to get to the end of the standing sequence and be exhausted but I now have energy left for seated poses and amn’t longing for Savasana as much. It’s good to be making progress and I’m feeling stronger. Long may it continue. 

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