Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

The Yoga Club 

on April 2, 2015

After posting about wanting to try yoga to dance music and that it wouldn’t be likely to coming to Edinburgh soon, I found out that Amanda from Yoga Mix (who teaches Vinyasa Vino) was starting The Yoga Club at Cabaret Voltare. It’s on a Thursday which I usually have another class but it’s not on over the Easter holidays. 

It’s held in one of the vaults of Cabaret Voltare with the DJ booth at the front and mats put out in what would normally be the dance floor. The class was meant to be fully booked but 5 people cancelled less than an hour before class and 2 didn’t show up. This meant there were only five of us and a waiting list of people who wanted to come but didn’t get a space. It’s a shame and they are planning on changing the booking system so it doesn’t happen again next week.
The class was a nice vinyasa class with a dance music sound track. It was good fun and I’d go again if my other class wasn’t on.

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