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Bikram Choudry Speaks Out, and it’s not good

on April 4, 2015

I’ve posted two blogs about the Bikram Yoga lawsuit, which can be found here and here. Today I found this article about the CNN interview with Bikram Choudhry’s response to the allegations.

My immediate reaction is one of surprise, he comes across really creepy and full of himself. I get that he’s a guru and his followers are devoted to him but still…

The quote that makes my skin crawl is ‘Lots of students of mine, they commit suicide because I will not have sex with them.’ Doesn’t that show an unhealthy relationship with them? That his students are so in love with him, desire him so much that because he’s not having sex with them they kill themselves? Surely if it was true then this would have been in press articles before now? Ugh! I can’t stand overly arrogant men. Especially those who abuse their position of power.

It’s not clear exactly what happened and it probably never will be but I don’t think this interview helps people’s opinion of Bikram Choudhry and Bikram Yoga in general. I’m happy that I’ve found other types of hot yoga that aren’t Bikram to enjoy. I hope that the wider Bikram community is able to move on from this and that people’s business’s aren’t effected too much by this but at the moment I don’t feel comfortable doing classes that however indirectly would eventually give money to Bikram Choudhry.

3 responses to “Bikram Choudry Speaks Out, and it’s not good

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