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My yoga journey

Lululemon Yoga with Teresa

on April 5, 2015

Lululemon’s Edinburgh showroom is a really nice space and I’ve enjoyed all the classes that I’ve been to their but this week’s was great. It was a vinyasa class taught by Teresa Daviacchi. She’s an American teacher who’s in Edinburgh doing her PhD and teaching a few clases. She has a really friendly style and encouraged us to try new things. 

The class was a bit different for me, I think I’m used to a more Asatanga style of vinyasa class and this was very much changing things up and doing things in different orders. 

The other thing that made the class good was that the group attending this week seemed extra talkative and friendly. It was good to chat to people both before and after the class about yoga in Edinburgh and other classes and teachers. Also it helped that Lululemon gave us all an Easter treat of a chocolate bunny on each yoga mat. Most people resisted till after class but a couple ate them as a preclass snack. 


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