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My yoga journey

Fat Yoga

on April 16, 2015

I’m a firm believer that yoga should be inclusive of everyone and that being bigger shouldn’t stop you doing class. Yet at the same time I’m probably your ‘stereo-typical’ yoga student. I’m a white female who is relatively slim and is working on being bendy and doing handstands. I understand that maybe me writing about a Fat Yoga class seems a bit ironic.

However I have friends who are larger who have felt uncomfortable about joining me in class as they feel that they are too large, don’t want to wear shorts in a hot yoga class or aren’t flexible enough. All of which seem silly as generally no one else will care and you get more flexible by attending class.

Still this New York Times article about a Fat Yoga class was interesting. I’ve never thought about the issues that people would have with getting into moves because of their size and that it needs to be accommodated. It’s great that there is a studio specialising in this and that more people can get the benefits of yoga that haven’t previously.

Yoga for everyone!

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