Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Hot Hot Yoga

on April 18, 2015

I thought I’d written about this class already but apparently not. Last week I went with friends to Vinyasa  Vino at Canning Street Yoga, which I wrote about briefly in my post about Ego, short shorts and hairy legs. It was a warm day and the class was full so the room was supper hot. The fans got slowly turned off as the class went on and people defiantly needed towels and water during this class.


It was a different teacher from the last two times that I’ve been, a guy called Lee. I don’t actually think I’ve been to a yoga class taught by a man before. Not that it really makes any difference and he’s a good teacher. I feel that he gave less hands on corrections than Amanda but the class was full with 12 people in it whereas the last class I attended had about 6 so less people for the teacher to correct. It certainly was very much a power class, which was good but I don’t think I can emphasize how sweaty I was during this class. I still had sweat dripping down me during the seated poses and just about stopped sweating for savasana. Usually I can get away with leaving my yoga stuff in the laundry hamper and washing it later but my stuff was so sweaty it went straight into the washing machine when I got home.

After class and a lot of water we had a nice glass of fizz and a chat. It’s a really sociable group and everyone chats and is friendly. I like dropping into these classes and even after attending only a few times I feel welcome as part of the community. I’ve recommended this class to so many people and at least another two of my friends are interested in coming along.

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