Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Trees growing roots 

on April 22, 2015

I really am enjoying noticing how I’m making progress in the various positions and sequences. At the Sweaty Betty class we do part of the Ashtanga primary series. It’s only an hour class so there isn’t time for the full primary led class. We do the same opening and closing sequence each week with a few changes to the middle section. I’m starting to feel that I know the poses and sequence of them and am able to focus more on the poses themselves rather than working out which pose we should be in and how long we’re holding it for. 

The past few weeks have been taught by Jenna from Meadowlark who is super sweet and lovely teacher. I really enjoy her friendly relaxed manner and she’s not afraid to be humble and share her experiences. This week she got stuck in a dharma wheel before class and was happily telling us about it and even let Meadowlark share the video of it, which can be found here and is hilarious. 

This week during the standing sequence in Tree pose I thought I’d try a deeper variation than I had done in the past and try the half lotus. It worked and I managed to hold my foot into the hip crease without too much difficulty and without feeling like I was going to fall over. 


I’m really enjoying the freedom to try different variations and that if they work great but if not then they’ll be there for another day. Also as one teacher said (I can’t remember which) if you don’t get it today it doesn’t mean you won’t get it tomorrow. I look forward to seeing how my practice develops in the next few months. 

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