Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey


on April 25, 2015

I had visitors arriving for the weekend late on Friday night so was having a quiet evening before they arrived. After eating and watching some TV I felt the need to stretch and thought I’d do a few handstands. This turned into quite a long handstand session. I also played around with a new app on my phone and made a little video of me doing a handstand which is Here on Instagram 

It was good fun and I managed to hold things well. In class on Thursday I got told I need to move further away from the wall to improve my balance. I see what she means as I think I’m relighing too much on the wall or a spotter to stop me going too far. If I’ve not got a spotter or wall I don’t go far enough. Time to move it a bit further away from the wall (but close enough that the wall still catches me if I completely over) and see how I go. 

After doing normal handstands I also tried hollow back handstands against the wall. They seem to be working ok but I’ve no idea how you would hold them away from the wall. They do give the lower back a good stretch though so I’ll do more of them against the wall. 

PS don’t you love my ‘ballet’ top. I found it in a charity shop for £4 and it’s super comfortable and great with jeans or leggings. It might be a new favourite workout to coffee/dinner outfit. 

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