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Broga – just for boys?

on April 28, 2015

Broga. Yep because men can’t just do yoga they must do a more manly form called Broga. There is a teacher training programme running in Edinburgh next month so I assume that we’re going to have some Broga classes here soon.


I’ve said before that I think that yoga should be for everyone and that often those who are most resistant to it are those who would benefit most from it. My brother does quite a bit of cycling, running, cross fit and can only just about reach his toes. Yet I would never get him to come to a yoga class. I think I could at least get him to try a broga class.

Do we really need a separate name for essentially what is a men’s yoga class? Maybe not but we live in a world where people want to try the latest trend and branding is an important part of that. Also you can’t licence and copyright ‘men’s yoga classes’ but you can Broga.

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For May they are doing a 30 day challenge which they will send you videos every day. I’ve signed up to receive them and it’ll be interesting to see what the workout’s are like. I don’t think I’ll do all of them but you never know I might turn out to be a Broga convert.

One response to “Broga – just for boys?

  1. Mark says:

    Hello! I am considering attending a Broga training. – I’m curious how you liked the Broga videos – how many days did you make it through? 🙂


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