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AcroYoga Fundamentals

on April 29, 2015

On Saturday I went to a Acroyoga fundamentals workshop. I’ve done quite a bit of partner acrobatics and met quite a few Acroyoga teachers but I’ve never done an actual class before. It was a different experience and good fun.

The workshop was in a building called the Forest Plus Centre. It’s quite a hippy space and can be a bit disorganised. We were in a room called the canteen, which is in the process of being converted from a canteen (with counters and tray spaces) to a rehearsal space. It wasn’t the best space but it worked and was big enough for the group.

Acroyoga generally involves three people in groups, a base, a flyer and a spotter. The base is generally on the floor in a L position with their feet or hands up. The flyer will then balance on the feet, hands or both of the base. The spotter’s job is to stop the flyer landing on the base or their head if something goes wrong. Generally people take it in turns to do each of the three positions.

Acroyoga has two different elements, solar and lunar. I’ve more experience of Solar, the acrobatic and active element. This is the balancing on people’s feet, hands or other places in a dynamic manner. I enjoyed trying basic moves with new people and getting corrected in things that I don’t think about normally. The lunar part of can also include balances but in a more passive way. It also includes therapeutic massage. So after you’ve done your active balances you can relax and get massaged.

The workshop was taught by Ilka, who is German and running a series of workshops in Scotland as she explores where she wants to live next. She’s really strong and a good teacher. The group was relaxed and worked together well in poses that required trust from people that you’d met only an hour or so before.

The main moves that we covered in the solar practice were front bird, also known as front angel.

Star or Shoulder Stand on Feet

We also covered Bow pose on feet but my group didn’t really manage to get this as we didn’t have the balance quite right.

It was a good workshop and I enjoyed the solar part (although I didn’t really learn anything new) and think I’d like to explore the lunar part more.

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