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Yoga Rooms in Airports

on May 5, 2015

Last weekend I went to Belfast to visit family for the weekend and on the trip out my flight was delayed by 3 hours. I was a little early anyhow as I wanted to get lunch before my flight so ended up spending 4 ½ hours in the airport waiting. Edinburgh airport doesn’t have a yoga room or much space that you can stretch in so I’d love it if they opened a yoga room.

Several US airports have them and this NY times article describes how people use them. I don’t think they really need all the equipment, just matts and somewhere quiet would probably be enough for most people.


3 responses to “Yoga Rooms in Airports

  1. That’s a great idea to have at an airport! Especially as some people are nervous flyers and it’d be good to have somewhere to relax!


  2. […] posted before about Yoga Rooms in Airports and how I think they’re a good idea. Gatwick have gone one step further and they have […]


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