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Scented yoga mats

on May 9, 2015

Yes you read the title correctly, scented yoga mats. A company called Sweet Scents has started producing scented yoga mats. As far as I can tell from the website these are relatively normal ¼ inch yoga mats that are scented in either peppermint or lavender. Apparently the scent can only be smelt by the person on the mat and won’t make the whole studio smell of it.


I’m not sure that it would work for me. I dislike my mat smelling of sweat. I wash it in the bath once a month and leave it to hang over a door for a day or two to dry and find that it’s never smelt bad. I also have a yoga mat towel that I put over my mat when going to hot yoga classes which as well as helping to stop me slip when sweating like mad helps stop sweat get into my mat.

At one class that I went to the teacher walked about and sprayed a lavender spray during savasana. I really liked this and it helped add to the calming environment that she was creating but I don’t think I’d want the smell though my whole practice and certainly not for every practice.

I also have doubts as to how long lasting the smell would be. If it fades after a few weeks or even months then it’s not that useful. I guess I’d need to buy one to find out and at the moment I don’t see the advantages over a normal mat.

Another option that occurred to me was that I have previously seen yoga mat sprays. Usually these have been anti-bacterial with a scent to them. Maybe I should try one…


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