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Why you should do Aerial Yoga

on May 13, 2015

It’s been ages since I posted anything as I’m awaiting confirmation of some exciting news that I want to share but I’ve not got it yet. So no more waiting and back to normal posts until I get confirmation (which should be in the next few days).

I haven’t done much normal yoga over the past week as I’ve been super busy helping with the launch of the space that I practice aerial yoga in. I love aerial yoga and the freedom that it gives me to cross train my conditioning, aerial skills and calming yoga moves. I end each session feeling stretched, lengthened and very worked.

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Huffington Post posted an article about why you should do Aerial Yoga. I agree with most of it but it doesn’t say that most importantly it’s fun. It’s a great work out that pretty much everyone can do. If you’ve not tried a class already then try to get to one. I guarantee it’ll make you smile.


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