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Injury and Resting

on May 18, 2015

For those who follow my Instagram, you’ll have seen that I got injured last week. On Wednesday night I did quite an intensive aerial training session as the space was only available for 45 minutes. I then moved onto going some yoga and stretching. My wrist was a little sore but not too bad until I tried to get into wheel, or back bends. The pad of my right hand had shooting pains down it whenever I tried to push up. I ended up doing a couple of attempts holding onto someone’s ankle but it still hurt. In the end I didn’t really do any handstands as it was quite tender. I thought I’d just over trained and that it’d be fine the next morning.

On Thursday morning if anything it was worst. I strapped it up and missed my usual Thursday evening class to rest it more. It had eased off a bit on Friday and by Saturday it probably would have been ok to go to class but I decided to take an extra day to rest and make sure it was fully recovered.

On Sunday I went down to do some aerial yoga and it wasn’t too sore. Today I’m skipping my usual yoga class as I’m going to a play so I’m hoping that by Thursday it’ll be fully better and ready to go.

I’m not very good at being injured and not being able to be active. I even considered going for a run on Friday and I hate running. Here’s to getting better quickly.

One response to “Injury and Resting

  1. babycrow says:

    Who is good at being injured?? Hope it’s just a minor niggle that heals up quickly. Sounds as though you’re looking after yourself well by scaling back and seeng how it goes. Enjoy the play! x


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