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Leggings in public

on May 24, 2015

One of my first few posts back in January was my opinion on a post about not wearing yoga pants or leggings in public. I’ve not changed my mind and still think that leggings aren’t a replacement for trousers and should be at least worn with a top covering your bum. I also still think that some leggings are far too thin to be worn without shorts on top. That includes in class. I don’t want to be able to see your underwear.  

However I am currently writing this while waiting for a friend to go to the cinema and I’m wearing leggings, a vest top and a tunic top. The tunic top is knitted and covers my bum but is short enough that I wouldn’t wear it with just tights. I love the print on the leggings so this is what I’m wearing. 


I guess the leaving my ego at the stuidio door is working along with trying not to care about what other people think. 

One response to “Leggings in public

  1. babycrow says:

    Not so ego-driven that you can’t change your mind and admit to it! the leggings so do have a great pattern, I can see why you wanted to wear them out. I too hate it when people in class have leggings that are thin enough to show their underwear – am I the only one to try a forward fold in the changing room??


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