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SFN 90 day challenge

on June 4, 2015

A friend invited me to a facebook group called SFN Sisterhood It’s related to the SFN Show which is in Glasgow at the end of August. It’s not a show that I’d consider going to as I’m not that into that type of fitness but the group is really friendly and nice.


One of the things that the group is aiming to do is to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to be more active and set goals for the next 90 days, when the show is.

My goals for the SFN 90 day challenge are

– run twice a week. Building to being able to run a 5km park run by the end of August. This will include running while I’m on holiday in July.

– attend at least one yoga class a week in person along with home practice at least once a week. This is easy while on holiday as I’m going to be doing 2 yoga classes a day for the first week.

– handstand training twice a week.

I think these should be reasonably achievable in the next few months and it gives me something to focus on. It also works with my Global Corporate Challenge goal of increasing the number of steps that I do.

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