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Running and Triathlon

on June 9, 2015

Last week I posted my SFN 90 day challenge goals and one of them was to run twice a week with the aim of being able to run a 5km Park Run by the end of August. I’ve been doing well with this and have started using an app called Run Double to help with this. My problem with running is that I can run for about 5 minutes at a reasonably fast pace and then I’m dead. The app helps with this in that at the stage I’m currently at you run for 90 seconds then brisk walk for 60 seconds repeated several times. It meant that on Sunday I managed to run just over two miles along Portobello promenade before doing an hour of training including doing handstand training. It helped that I had a friend come running with me so we talked while walking and I didn’t stop running before the app told me. The main reason that I’ve started running is to increase the amount of cardio that I do. I generally am active but I don’t feel that I do enough pure cardio.

Back to my goal of being able to run 5km by the end of August, I may have slightly upped the goal a bit. I have signed up for an Urban Triathlon at the beginning of July. It’s a yoga, run, spin triathlon rather than the traditional swim, cycle, run triathlon. It’s organised by Sweaty Betty, Meadowlark and Lifecycle. The only issue that I have is that when Lifecycle first posted on Facebook about it they mentioned a 5km run. It’s now been formally advertised and it’s a 5 mile run. I can just about run 5km now (as I showed on Sunday) and with some training I’m certain that I can. However a 5 mile run is quite a bit further, 3km further. It’s going to take some more serious running than I have been doing and I won’t be able to miss any runs. I’ve signed up because I think I may just about be able to do it but it’s going to be a huge challenge and I might die at the end of it. On the plus side it’s on a Saturday so I can spend the Sunday recovering.

I also found it greatly amusing that I asked a friend if she wanted to sign up to do it with me and her response was that she wasn’t sure if she’d be ok doing an ashtanga yoga class but the running and cycling would be ok. I’m completely the opposite, give me a yoga class, even a hot yoga class and I’m ok, running and cycling are the bit that are a challenge. Still we’ll see how my training goes.

2 responses to “Running and Triathlon

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