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Lululemon Showroom Closing Party

on June 13, 2015

Lululemon’s Edinburgh Showroom has been a community of yoga practitioners and classes that I’ve enjoyed attending since January. Today is the last day that the Showroom is open and the bigger Edinburgh store opens soon.  

This morning one of the Educators (store assistants) Kate who also teaches yoga took the last class in the storeroom.  It was a really lovely class with mainly people who I ‘know’ from attending class on a regular basis there. I like the social aspect of these classes, I spent 15 minutes sitting on the steps outside chatting to a teacher about resourcing in schools while waiting for the doors to open. It sounds corny but they have created a community. 

At the end of class we were given a surprise and told that we could keep our yoga mats as it was the last class in the showroom. It was really lovely and generous of them but I now own three yoga mats so may now give away my other lightweight one. 

Lululemon are organising a massive yoga party on the 26th June in the museum to launch the new store. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing night but I’m already committed to going to a birthday dinner that night. 

They don’t yet have a confirmed date for the new store opening but I’m assuming it’ll be in a couple of weeks. The other thing that I found out is that the yoga classes are moving to a Sunday morning so I hope it’ll still be as much of a community feel and that as many of the regulars keep coming along. 

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