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International Day of Yoga

on June 19, 2015

This Sunday, the 21st June, is the first International Day of Yoga. It’s being organised by the India government in conjunction with the UN and events are being held in 192 of the 193 UN member countries. The exception being Yemen, but as they are in the middle of a civil war I think they can be excused.

The official website is a bit rubbish and not the easiest to navigate, and requires you to log in to do the quiz. it is quite colourful and has some cute articles, including this one about Paddle Board Yoga.


I’ve enjoyed reading some of the press coverage about International Day of Yoga over the past few weeks. An event in Canada was cancelled after people protested the bridge that it was meant to be held on being closed, for four hours on a Sunday morning. It seems a bit odd but people seem to get upset about the strangest things.

There are a number of events being held in Edinburgh and I’m aiming to go along to an outdoor class held by Yoga Mix in Inverleith Park. It’s followed by a picnic so here’s hoping for sunshine.

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