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Finishing Fundamentals

on June 20, 2015

I did the two online assessments last weekend and got 92% and 88% in them. So I’m finished this part of my Anti-Gravity Fundamentals 1 & 2 course. I’m still having a few issues with sorting out the venue to teach classes in so I’m not going to be able to start teaching just yet. The course has been really good and I feel that I have quite good knowledge to be able to teach classes. I think that a lot of friends and people that I know will enjoy the classes and learning the moves. It’s helped me with my core strength and particularly my arm strength.

I’m also feeling a little shallow but happy today. I sent a copy of my certificate to Sweaty Betty and I’m now very happy that I’m registered as part of their fitness professional programme. The main advantage of this is that I get 20% off their clothing including items in the sale. Considering the amount of Sweaty Betty clothing that I buy and wear (and that I recommend it to anyone that asks about yoga or fitness clothing) I think I might as well get rewarded for it. I’m hoping that the summer sale starts really soon as I want to get a couple of new tops for going away on holiday, plus I could do with another pair of leg warmers. Yes in Scotland in June I think of buying leg warmers. In the mean time I’ve ordered the Sea Breeze top, which they didn’t have in store in my size, which I love and I’m planning on wearing to run the Urban Triathlon in two weeks’ time!

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