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Yoga Retreat

on June 26, 2015

I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts that I’m going on holiday soon but I haven’t gone into the details. Well this holiday is a little different from my usual visiting family or friends or exploring a new location. Myself and a friend who comes to some classes with me decided that we would need some sunshine in the summer and planned a holiday back in February. After looking online and finding Book Yoga Retreats, I found a few options that looked interesting and fulfilled the following criteria;

  • Somewhere warm – Scotland can be cold and rainy even at the middle of summer.
  • Accessible via a direct flight from Edinburgh to within two hours of the location and preferably accessible by public transport.
  • Not too expensive. Some retreats are over £1000 for a week and don’t include flights or transfers.
  • Somewhere interesting. Yes we want to do lots of yoga and chill out but we also want to be able to explore the local area and be able to go out for the day.

The retreat that seems to fit everything above and more is Omassim in Ericeira, Portugal. It’s warm, we fly to Lisbon and then get a bus for an hour, it’s super good value for money (€380 for accommodation, food, classes and a massage), and in a pretty village with lots of options of places to go visit.

They have been super friendly via e-mail and judging by the trip advisor reviews are just as helpful and lovely in person. I’m really looking forward to it and a week of relaxation, yoga and good food by the sea followed by a week in Spain teaching English.

The agenda for each day involves some early starts but I also plan for the day to include some siestas.

  • 07:30: Meditation
  • 08:00: Vinyasa Flow yoga morning class (indoors) (90 minutes)
  • 09:30: Delicious healthy vegetarian breakfast
  • 10:00: After breakfast free time – Options include swimming at the beach, a professional surf lesson, go horseriding, or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings, read a book or enjoy one of our  treatments; the time is yours to relax
  • 13:30: Light Lunch
  • 14:00: After lunch free time – Arrange a road trip (take your lunch with you) to visit Ericeira or another nearby town or any other activity you wish to partake in.
  • 19:00: Soft Vinyasa Flow or Yin yoga class (90 minutes)
  • 20:30: Tasty vegetarian dinner as buffet
  • 22:00: Meditation (30 minutes)

2 responses to “Yoga Retreat

  1. babycrow says:

    Sounds great! Do tell us about it during/afterwards! Safe travels!


  2. This sounds absolutely delightful – keep us posted!


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