Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Hello from Portugal

on July 14, 2015

On Sunday morning at the very ridiculous time of 5am I left my flat to head to the airport. It was really busy and too a while to check in and drop bags off etc but we had pleanty of time. A coffee and breakfast in the departure lounge later we got on the plan to Lisbon and everything was pretty much to time. 
We arrived in Lisbon a few minutes late and walked what felt like the whole length of the airport to collect our bags and find the driver. There were another two people arriving 20 minutes after us so we waiting for them while looking at some leaflets from the tourist information.  

The drive up to Eritra was not too long and the scenery was lovely on the way here. The retreat is based a little hit to the north of Eritra in a small village. There are two houses at Omassim, the one that we’ve got a room in which has the kitchen, dining room, outdoor eating space, the massage studio and 5 rooms with 2 or 3 people in. The other house has I think 5 rooms, another indoor seating area and the yoga studio in the basement. The second house also has a pool in the garden. 

The whole place is really relaxed and a very friendly sociable feel. All meals are eaten together and each meal I’ve sat with different people and chatted. All the food is served buffet style and is vegitarian and quite a bit of it is vegan and all delicious so far. Also they have a dog called Monolo who comes and says hello to everyone and is huge but very gentle. 

On Sunday afternoon we went for a walk along the cliff tops to the nearest beach to watch the surfers and have a coffee at the beach hut. It’s a nice 20 minute walk but it’s quite downhill so you have to walk back uphill on the way home. Still the scenery is beautiful. 

It also made for quite a good Get Your Om Back photo on the cliff top.


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