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Yoga classes on Retreat

on July 15, 2015

Monday was the first proper day of the retreat. Everyone arrived on Saturday or Sunday and the first class was at 7.30am on Monday. Yep I agree that’s super early to get up for class, especially when on holiday. My work alarm goes off at 7.30 so I got up earlier than I do for work. 

There are about 25 people here doing a mix of just yoga (like me) and yoga and surfing. For some Monday’s class was there first ever yoga class. So the class was slow and going through fundamentals in detail. It was a different style from what I was used to but still nice. 

After class and breakfast we walked into Ertria to see what there was. It’s a good hour walk along the cliff top to there but it’s very pretty and there is time to stop and watch the surfers along the way. 

Oh and maybe do a Get Your Om back pose half way up some steps from the beach.   I hadn’t realised quite how much of a surf place this was. There are 17 different surf schools in the area and there seem to be loads of surf shops etc. 
  Isn’t it so pretty and dramatic? I could watch the sea all day. 

In the evening we had a half hour meditation class followed by an hour of gentle yin yoga. It was really slow and holding things for quite a long time but very good for stretching out and relaxing. 

The food has all been delicious and really nice vegitarian and vegan food. Most of those here aren’t strict vegitarian at home so are enjoying trying new foods and discovering new ingredients. The only thing that I’m missing is drinks. The main options here are water or herbal tea. Yesterday afternoon we made a trip to the village shop and got some snacks and diet coke. I guess I’m not quite ready for a full detox. 

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