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My yoga journey

Outdoor yoga in Madrid

on July 27, 2015

I know I have a lot to catch up on in terms of blogging and I’ve started writing a post about my yoga retreat in Portugal. In the mean time here’s a post about a class I did on the last day of my holiday.  After being in Portugal doing yoga twice a day followed by a week in Pedraza, a small town to the north of Madrid with me as the person ‘leading’ group practice, I had a look online for classes in Madrid were we were spending the weekend before heading back home. As Madrid is such a big and international city there are actually quite a few different places that teach yoga classes in English. However it’s currently July and about half the city are away on holiday to escape the heat. It was 40 degrees at 6.10pm on Saturday so it’s understandable.     The two options for classes over the weekend were either Bikram yoga on Saturday lunchtime or a vinyasa class in Rialto park on Sunday at 12. Given that Madrid was super warm and it wasn’t clear if the Bikram class was still in English during the summer we decided on the Sunday class.  The Sunday Vinyasa class is held in the main park of Madrid and the meeting point was quite easy to find as it was opposite the boat hire place. There are quite a few classes each week, held in the park for most of the year and indoors in the winter. The classes are taking a break for August as the teacher Eliza is getting married and will be away on honeymoon. There were about 12 people in the class and we practiced in a rough circle in the shade of some trees. It was a really nice class based on the earth, water and fire chakras. As it was so warm it felt like a hot yoga class and I was glad that I’d decided to wear shorts and not practice in yoga trousers that I was wearing to explore the city.        There is a band that perform in the park bandstand, which is nearby, on Sunday afternoon so we had a very random selection of movie soundtracks played through the class. As the class is held in a public park people were walking past and looking to see what was happening. It was useful to remember to stay present and not to care what others are thinking.       After class finished I did today’s Get your Om back pose of a headstand which being so warm helped with.      Some of the class were staying after class to share a picnic but we didn’t stay as we had plans for the afternoon. It’s a lovely friendly class in a great location and very welcoming to new people. I’ll be back next time I’m in Madrid and have recommended the class to friends who live their and want to start doing yoga.

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