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Yoga retreat catch up 

on July 27, 2015

I’ve posted a lot of photos from my week in Omassim in Portugal but I want to write a bit more about my experience.

The general programme for each day was;

Between 7.30 – 8am – Yoga class

Following class – buffet breakfast with porridge, cheese, bread and fruit

9.45 to 11am depending on the tide – the surfers left for there class

1.30pm – lunch – either a buffet or a packed lunch depending if the surfers were away or not.

6.15pm – Meditation

7pm – Yoga class

8.15pm – Dinner

After dinner – on various nights meditation, healing singing, a trip to Skeleton on Sea or just relaxing and chatting.

Everything was optional so if you didn’t want to get up and do yoga in the morning or missed evening meditation then it was fine and no one minded. The group was quite mixed with about half the group coming with a friend or small group of friends and the other half coming alone. It made for a really nice social atmosphere with all meals eaten at big tables and everyone chatted to everyone.

As the daytime was quite free for those that weren’t going surfing we had lots of time to explore the area. Ericeria was about an hours gentle walk away so on two days we went to explore. On one day we escaped the vegetarian food (although it was excellent) and enjoyed the local fish and wine in one of the restaurants followed by a relax on the beach.

Another day four of us went on a day trip to Sintra, a nearby town with lots of palaces, castles and generally very pretty place. It was really easy to get to and perfect for a change of scenery.

The morning yoga classes were vinyasa flow but generally a bit slower than I’m used to but it was good to be made to be slow and focus on getting each position correct even if I found it frustrating at times. In the words of Yoga By Candace, Go Slower than you want to go.

The evening yoga classes were either yin classes or super slow hatha classes. I enjoyed the yin classes more than the hatha classes but they all were enjoyable. They usually have two yoga teachers but the week we were there their was only one and guest teachers for two classes. It was fine but I think I would have enjoyed having another teacher to vary the style of teaching a bit more.

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