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Yoga Retreat – The Non Yoga Parts

on July 28, 2015

I’ve written about the yoga part of my retreat at Omassim already but this is about the mediation, massage and evening events/activities.

Every evening at 6.15pm there was meditation class. The exact type of meditation varied each day and each session lasted about 20 to 30 minutes. It was good to try new types of meditation as it’s not something that I practice regularly. I’m not that good at clearing my mind of other thoughts so it’s something that I need to work on at home.

Included in the yoga trail package was a 60 minute massage. This I had on Friday my last full day and it was super relaxing and helped release off my shoulders and back. Edwardo who gave me my massage doesn’t speak much English but he gave excellent nonverbal cause for when to turn over etc so it didn’t matter and made the massage even more relaxing.

On Monday night there were two people who came to give an extra meditation class. It was a more singing style than the other classes and lasted for an hour. It was enjoyable but difficult after the first full day.

On another night there was a healing singing performance. This really isn’t my thing so I gave it a miss but others enjoyed it and said it was really nice music.

On Thursday night we took a short trip after dinner to visit Skeleton Sea, a nearby art collective that makes art primarily from rubbish collected for beaches. It’s a fascinating place with great art and a lovely chilled out artist running it. A few weeks before we arrived they were involved in a beach clean up in the local beach and they made a video about it, which can be found here.

It’s a shame as earlier in the week I’d commented that the beach and cliffs were very clean and there wasn’t much rubbish about, the reason being that it had all been collected only a few weeks before.

Friday is Lila and Edwardo’s night off so the surf school arrange for a dinner outside of the guest house. This is held in a few different places but when we were there it was held about 10 minutes walk away. It was mainly sea food which as I’m allergic to fish wasn’t so great for me but it all was very fresh and excellent. It was I think €20 for sea food and €15 for vegetarian food, which included quite a lot of wine and beer. Then we went into Ericeira to go see one of the surf instructors who was DJing at a bar. Let’s just say it was a late night and the last of the group arrived back in time for breakfast… It was really good fun and a nice change for the end of the week.

I met some really nice people and enjoyed the week doing yoga, relaxing, taking trips to the beach, walking along the cliffs and generally chilling out. I hope to stay in touch with some of those I met while away and one of the girls is planning on going back in Spring so I may try to co-ordinate going at the same time as her.

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