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Get your Om back final day 

on July 31, 2015

I’ve been taking part in the Sweaty Betty instagram challenge for July, which had the theme of Get Your Om Back 

It’s been a lovely challenge with a different pose each day. I’ve found that it’s helped my practice and helped me work out what I need to work on. There are poses that I don’t do often and that I’ve never taken a photo of, so I wasn’t sure what I needed to improve on in them. In general I need to work on flattening my back and not curving my spine so much when bending over.

It’s very much been a practice not perfect challenge and I like that I’ve had the freedom and confidence to post pictures of me in poses that I’m not fully there yet in. I’ve posted photos of me in a bra top and short, my pj’s, swimwear, yoga clothes and work clothes, so pretty much in whatever I happened to be wearing that day. I’m going to try to find another yoga photo challenge to do in August but as I’m not on holiday the pictures might be a little more dull with not such exciting backgrounds.

Below are the past week or so’s photos. The rest of my pictures can be found here and here.


4 responses to “Get your Om back final day 

  1. babycrow says:

    I’m not big on ‘challenges’ myself, but I’ve really liked seeing your photos. It’s great to have the confidence to share stuff even when you know it’s not perfect. I’m all in favour of that — it’s when photo challenges become a procession of perfection that I feel we’re all missing some opportunity to learn.

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