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Mysore Classes

on August 6, 2015

I’m putting this here to help make me accountable and more likely to get up when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning. I have signed up for a month of Mysore classes at a studio called the Yoga Room. The studio opens at 6.30am and it finishes at 8.45am. To have time to get to work and shower I need to be finished by 8.30 so I’m aiming to be there for 7am to have an hour and half for practice. I’m aiming for three times a week for a month and then I’ll assess how I enjoy it and decide the way forward. 

Tonight my bag is packed with work clothes and a yoga mat, my yoga gear is set out in a pile and my lunch is made and in the fridge to pick up. My alarm is also set for 6.03am to give me 27 minutes to get up, showered, have a cup of tea and be out the flat. Oh boy that sounds early. I guess I better think about heading to bed soon then. Wish me luck! 

One response to “Mysore Classes

  1. Allie Brown says:

    Good for you!! Its really hard to do it the first few days but after a while you will crave it.

    I practice Mysore for a week each month at my favorite studio, but I have to be there by 5:15 am in order to get out to work on time! But I wouldn’t trade it, it makes my whole day so much better.
    – Allie

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