Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Morning Mysore Class

on August 7, 2015

So I did it. I got up when my alarm went off at 6.03am, yes I set my alarm for odd times but it seems a bit more friendly to get up at 6.03 rather than 6.00. I had a quick shower, got dressed and left the house by 6.24am to head to class. The studio is on the other side of town and as I had to come back home afterwards I drove across. There was almost no traffic so it took less than 10 minutes and it was a beautiful sunny morning. Even if I get the bus it should take less than 20 minutes to get there.

As today is Friday the class was a little different from normal Mysore practice and it was the full ahsatanga primary series. I arrived a little late so I missed the first two sun salutation A’s. It was very much a counted class rather than a taught class. The teacher, Chris didn’t demonstrate poses and simply said the names or descriptions. He gave individual corrections either verbally or physically. It was a little challenging towards the end of the class as it was poses that I don’t do regularly and some that I didn’t really understand what we were meant to be doing so I had to look at others to check that I was going it correctly. I really enjoyed it and think that even if I don’t continue with a full Mysore practice I will try to continue doing the full primary series on Friday’s.

The class was very small with only four of us their this morning but I don’t know if this is as it was a led class so you needed to be there from the start rather than being able to drop in later on. I have seen two of the others at different classes before and from hearing them talk afterwards I know that they are both taking part in Yoga Teacher training (I knew that one of them was) so I don’t feel so bad that their practice was much more advance than mine. Also I was glad to see that I got the ‘uniform’ correct for class, two of the others were also wearing Sweaty Betty leggings.

I’m looking forward to next week and starting the ‘proper’ Mysore classes. I think the main challenge for me will be remembering the sequence myself, at least while I’m building up to the full sequence, which will take a while.

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