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First ‘proper’ Mysore Class

on August 10, 2015

This morning after a lovely weekend doing acrobatics and handstands in a field in Northumbria, which included camping, I got up and went to my first proper Mysore class. When my alarm went off I considering sleeping some more instead of going to class but I decided that I needed to stretch out and that if I’m going to commit to a month of doing classes then I can’t skip the second day.

This morning the class wasn’t led so it was my first challenge in remembering the primary sequence. Needless to say I didn’t remember that much and got things wrong but the teacher was really lovely at adding poses and helping me with what to do. It’s a really challenging thing to do so early in the morning but I felt so much better afterwards. My shoulders have released off and I made it into the office feeling relaxed and ready to get on with stuff rather than drained after a busy weekend.

I’m looking forward to seeing how much I remember of the sequence on Wednesday morning and how far I manage to get without needing prompting. I also have decided that I need to make sure that I have a little something to eat when I get up as my stomach was rumbling lots by the end of class.

One response to “First ‘proper’ Mysore Class

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