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My yoga journey

Learning the primary sequence

on August 13, 2015

It was a challenge to remember the sequence and the order of things but I was much more confident in doing my second class and only needed a few prompts to get much further along the Ashtanga primary series. In general once I knew which bit of the sequence was next I could do the four or five poses in that section, I forgot a few poses and had to go back and do them in the right order but it was generally ok. I think I should remember most of it without prompting in another week or so.

I have found that the has this very useful webpage with the full sequence and I had a read of it on the bus to practice which I think helped. I’m going to print them out and have them in my yoga bag to look at on the way to class each day. If I though it was allowed I’d put them next to my mat but I’m assuming that it would break the being present in class and focusing on the movement and breath only.

In Mysore classes you get a lot more attention and adjustments that I generally am used to. Today was the busiest that the class has been and there were six of us. Mainly the adjustments have been minor but there are some poses that I’m finding more difficult now that I’m being made to do them ‘correctly’ rather than the slightly lazy way that I had been doing them.

Another thing that the teacher of the Mysore classes has told me that I’d not realised before is that I tend to ‘hide in my breath’. In less ‘yogic’ terms, I tend to shallow breath and forget about my breath when in difficult poses. It’s something that I hadn’t noticed before but this type of practice is all about the breath and it’s an area that I need to work on. To quote Etty Hillesum “Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths”

I’ve not got practice this Friday as it’s a moon day so Ashtanga practitioners have a day off. I’m planning to go to a hot yoga class in the evening instead.

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