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Yoga Bag Options

on August 14, 2015

I’m currently having one of the worst first world problem that I have had this year. Yes it’s worst that when my coconut water was warm and I had nothing else to drink. It’s really difficult to carry everything I need for the day in an elegant and easy fashion to Mysore classes then on to work.

Thing that I need to take with me include;

  • My yoga mat
  • Work clothes
  • My breakfast – usually fruit, yogurt and oatmeal, and my lunchbox, today containing hummus, peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks and cheese.
  • Travel mug and water bottle – for tea on the way to practice and water on the way to work
  • General stuff that lives in my handbag – you know the essentials for leaving the house like a phone, purse, tissues, emergency snacks, lip balm, painkillers, diary and pen.

Plus depending on other factors I also may have

  • Clothes for after work – it depends on what day but on at least one day a week I have both yoga in the morning and another exercise class after work or if I’m meeting friends and don’t want to wear work clothes.
  • My work laptop if I’ve been working at home the day/night
  • Kindle or ipad
  • A clean towel and additional shower supplies to take to the office to shower before starting work. I shower ever day but I have a locker at work that I store them in

As you can see I have quite a bit to take with me and last week I have been experimenting with different bags and options for transporting things. I have generally been using a large Sweaty Betty shopping Bag to put most things in and to have my yoga mat stuck out the top and I have my handbag separately it kind of works. I think I need a better solution for longer term, especially as when the bus home is very busy and I have to stand for at least part of the way home it’d be easier to have an all in one and sealed so I don’t need to worry about it getting wet if it rains.

I quite like this backpack from Lululemon but at £118, it’s more that quite a few of my handbags and I don’t think I can currently justify it.


One of the other options that I’m currently considering is a product called Yoga Sak, which is very much focused around the yoga mat and has about a million pockets including space for a laptop. I’m not sure how it would work as a bag for popping out at lunchtime without a mat.


A third option that I’m considering is the Aurora cross body bag. It’s quite a cute style and has two sections for putting stuff in along with a side pocket for a mat. However I am not that big a fan of cross body backpacks.
Maybe I should just stick to one bag for everything else and get a better waterproof sling style yoga mat bag as none of these really deal with arriving at the studio on a rainy day with a damp mat.

How do other people get stuff to the studio, work etc when not traveling by car?

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