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Mindfulness Meditation

on August 15, 2015

Edinburgh during August can be a bit hectic to say the least. The population of Edinburgh increases by about 100,000 people and some days it seems that they all are between me and where I want to get to.

To help counteract this and that there generally is so much going on in Edinburgh during August that life is just that little bit more hectic, Lululemon are holding daily yoga classes at 12 noon in their store called Nooner Yoga. I work just a bit too far away to be able to make classes during the week but it’d be nice to be able to have some chill out time during a lunch break and get away from the busyness of the centre of town. I’m going to try to make it along on a Saturday but this weekend is a little busy so maybe next week.

However on Thursday they had a Mindfulness Meditation class lead by Jennifer Cain from Rise Goddess. It was a relatively quiet class with maybe only 25 people there, the space can fit up to 40. Jennifer was very welcoming and had created a calm environment even though the store upstairs was still being closed and there was the noise of cashing up and putting clothes back in the correct place faintly in the background.

I’m generally not very good at meditation, in that my mind tends to not be good at being empty and not focusing on things. I also amn’t very good at staying still for more than a couple of minutes so meditation can be challenging for me. That’s why I’m trying to do more of it and I find led classes better than just trying to do it myself.

The meditation was about positivity and about achieving something that you wanted or that would change your life. I have a potentially huge change coming up in the next month or so and some major decisions to make around that so that’s what I focused on. It was quite calming to think about how I can be the other side of the turmoil that is going to be involved in it.

It was a very relaxed 40 minutes or so and the only thing that I would have changed was that I got a little cold towards the end so I should thought and put my wrap/scarf that I had in my bag over me before we started as I usually get cold when lying still.

If I can fit it into my schedule I’m going to try one of Jennifer’s classes soon. Jennifer and Dawn (from Rise of Dawn Yoga) are running a Rise Up Workshop in September that sounds like it’d be awesome and a really nice evening but it’s the same weekend as another acrobatics convention so I’ll be spending that evening upside down instead. I hope that they organise another one for later in the year.

4 responses to “Mindfulness Meditation

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  2. Rise Goddess says:

    Hello! I just discovered this article and had no idea you had written such a beautiful review of the class! Thank you so much for that, what a lovely surprise ❤

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