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Signs that Tell the World You’re Into Yoga

on August 18, 2015

I’ve recently discovered Do You a website that has loads of articles about yoga, travel, beautiful pictures and lots of other interesting things.

One article that I found funny was 16 signs that tell the world you’re into yoga. I had a quick add up and I agree with or do nine of the things and just about do another two. Which according to the quiz makes me;

It’s obvious to some people that you’re into yoga, and the others just know you as having a good energy.

I think it’s quite obvious that I’m into yoga, especially as I seem to spend half the week carrying a yoga mat to and from practice and then back from work. Also yoga leggings are pretty much a staple of my wardrobe even for work, generally under a tunic or dress.

The ones that I don’t agree with and probably never will include;

2. You Have The Full Moon Cycle Tattooed On Your Back

Nope, I have two tattoos but I have no plans to add a full moon tattoo and actually I don’t think I know anyone who has one.

8. All Written Correspondence Now Ends With Love and Light

I work in quite a formal office if I end my e-mails with anything other than, Thanks, Kind Regards or Regards, then I’d probably get spoken to about my tone of e-mails and possibly it’d be taken further. Letters, non-work emails and the underrated be awesome to receive postcard are generally signed Love

9. You Love Green Smoothies

Not so much. I don’t mind green smoothies but they aren’t my first choice. Plus I’m much more of a yogurt and fruit person for post yoga breakfast rather than smoothies. It takes up way too much time to clean a juicer especially as I don’t have a dishwasher.

10. Tequila Shots Are Out. Wheatgrass Shots Are In

Ewwww to both tequila and wheatgrass. I’m not a big fan of shots of either.

13. You Are A Complete Sucker For Anything That Contains The Word Organic

Some things are worth the extra money to buy organic but I’m more of a fan of locally produced products that are grown or produced by local businesses. I try to buy my eggs from the local city farm which are not ‘certified organic’ because the cost would be more than the eggs make but the farm tries not to use pesticides where possible. The chickens are happy and free range in the truest sense of the word, they can occasionally be found next to the picnic tables outside the cafe. Less than a mile from the hen to my kitchen, not bad in terms of food miles

However the two that I read and went ‘Oh that’s totally me’ were,

1. You Own More Than One Mat, So You Actually Have Colour Options

I gave away one of my three mats as it seemed a bit excessive but I still have a choice. It’s mainly on functionality and distance that I’m going to be carrying it but colour is also a factor. I mean who doesn’t love a bright coloured mat?

4. You Start Doing Postures In Strange Places.

Yep, with starting doing yoga photo challenges I have started doing poses and taking photos in strange places. Yoga on top of the dining table anyone?

How many of the things do you agree with?

3 responses to “Signs that Tell the World You’re Into Yoga

  1. Haha love the idea! I will be sure to snap a picture next time I do yoga in a strange place – which also happens often! Lovely read!


  2. Re: yoga postures in strange places. I’ve been known amongst co-workers for doing yoga in strange places for several years. Among them being the back of an ambulance, the patrol-hut of a busy ski mountain (wearing ski boots), and an aircraft hangar. I work as a paramedic.


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