Sleeping in Savasana

My yoga journey

Yoga By Candace App 

on August 20, 2015

I have talked a lot about the various videos that I love that are by Yoga By Candace. Last month Candace launched an app to go with her excellent website. The app can be downloaded via itunes here and via Google Play here.

I love her videos so it’s great to have access to all of them in one place. They are categorized by length and type, so if you know that you have half an hour to spare then you can just look at the 30 minute video section. Or if you know that you want to focus on slower more relaxed yoga then you can look in the Evening Yoga section.


This combined with an Apple TV has made watching videos on the TV much easier and has made me want to increase the amount of home practice that I do.

The app is free but it gives you the option to subscribe for £1.49 per month (or $1.99 in the US) for exclusive content released each week. This varies in what it is, so far there has been 20 minute vinyasa flow video, a meditation, some quotes and a yin video.

To be honest the exclusive content isn’t that different from the normal content that Candace puts on Youtube and her blog but it’s nice to have the extra videos and I really enjoy the meditation. It’s short enough that I have managed to do it twice in the past week and it’s helped me relax before going to sleep at night. I will keep paying the monthly subscription as I feel that I get more than £1.49 worth of value from Candace’s website and videos even without the extra content for being a subscriber.

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