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UFC’s Anthony Johnson rant at girl practicing yoga

on August 21, 2015

I’m totally amazed that people, especially ‘Athletes’ like Anthony Johnson can have such a negative view of yoga and people who practice it. In the news this week was that UFC Anthony Johnson posted a rant to his facebook page about a girl who was practicing yoga in a ‘athletes gym’, full details can be found on the Guardian’s article.

His post has now been deleted but a screenshot of it is below.


No one deserves to be publicly called a ‘bag of dry dog food’ or ugly or be told that they should stop wearing sports bra. If she is out of shape then how do you expect her to get into shape if she’s not ‘allowed’ to go to the gym. Also I’m pretty sure that the ‘girl’ in question, was probably a woman.

I wish that yoga wasn’t viewed as a ‘soft’ option and as being easy. Yes a yin class is gentle and not going to make you sweat but it will make you squirm and struggle to hold what seem like easy poses after 3 or 4 minutes. Or try a hot vinyasa class and see if you make it an hour without having to skip a pose or take an extra couple of breaths in child’s pose during your first few classes. Yoga isn’t easy if it’s being done properly, it should be a challenge.

The fact that he is openly admitting that he yelled at a stranger, snatched her mat (I’m assuming her property) and made her cry is appalling. He’s issued an apology but I really hope that he gets disciplined from the UFC for this. It’s no way for anyone to behave never mind a public figure that many young boys and men look up to.

Still enough of a rant from me over someone that doesn’t deserve any more publicity.

3 responses to “UFC’s Anthony Johnson rant at girl practicing yoga

  1. What a douche. I wonder if he can do any yoga…..unlikely

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  2. This is horrific! What a moron… and that poor woman…


  3. Poor girl. It’s really sad that some people choose to treat another human being that way. As for yoga, most of the people working out at the gym are just focused on getting big muscles. What they don’t realize is that muscles without balance is practically useless. And anyone with that big of an ego is setting themselves up for a life of hardships and pain. I hope that man will one day open his eyes and truly see things for what they are. And I hope that girl doesn’t take it to heart and continues the path to finding herself.


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