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Frustration at progress

on August 24, 2015

A new week and a new discovery / set of thoughts about Mysore practice and how it compares to regular classes. This morning in class I was a bit frustrated as I felt that I was so far behind everyone else and I don’t yet know the sequence fully and I keep getting things wrong.

I know that the whole point of Mysore is that you practice your own version of the sequence and gradually build it up. It’s just frustrating when I feel that I’m getting stuck trying to remember the order of even the basic poses and the correct alignment of each pose. At the same time another person in the same room is doing back drops into wheel. It makes me very much feel like the new girl who doesn’t have a clue. I guess I still am and I know that some of the others are very advanced and are already teaching yoga or doing teacher training.

This is defiantly going to be an exercise in leaving my ego at the door and focusing on my practice. I’m not currently 100% sure that I’m going to keep up Mysore classes longer term but I am really enjoying getting up and doing yoga in the mornings. I’m going to keep going for at least another month so that I’ve done two months of it. One of the other studios in Edinburgh does led classes five mornings a week so I may take out a pass with them and try a month of classes there in October.

I also have to be patient with myself in terms of how quickly I know how to do each pose and part of the sequence. I realise that I am not breathing so deeply and much quicker in poses that I’m not sure of in comparison to the parts that I know.

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