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Sense of Community

on August 26, 2015

One of the things that I’ve realised I’m finding challenging with Mysore classes is that it’s not that social by comparison to my regular classes. Because you can start at any time after 6.30am and you just need to allow time for finishing by 8.45am it doesn’t have the same opportunity to chat either before or after class as everyone arrives and finishes at different times.

Because of bus times so early in the morning I arrive after practice has started and as I’m currently still learning the sequence my practice only takes about an hour. This means that most of the others are still practicing when I’m finished. It means that some days I don’t really talk to anyone at practice other than getting corrections or instructions from the teacher. I think it might also be that I’m the new girl who doesn’t know how to do everything so I’m feeling a little isolated anyhow so the lack of opportunity to chat maybe makes me feel a bit more like everyone else knows each other and I’m the outsider.

The Sweaty Betty yoga class that I have been going to for most of this year and I ‘know’ about half of the people that are there most weeks I find a lot more social. We generally have a chat about other events that we’re training for and about how we found the class. It’s a really nice group of people and I think we’re quite welcoming to new people. Most of the conversation is superficial and about either new clothes that they’ve got in store, other classes or events that someone is going to or has been to, if we’re going to be their next week and such like but it’s a nice connection and sense of community.

The Sweaty Betty Get Fit For Free campaign starting in September is called Body by Simone and is very much more of a dance class than I’m used to. Because I know that a few of the other girls that I know will be going along to classes I’m going to at least try the first class. Plus you never know I might discover a hidden talent and love of aerobics.

Plus the promo video looks quite fun

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